You’ve got a brilliant idea but no clue about the next step? Pondering who to share your idea with? How and where to check whether your idea already exists? How to register a patent and Is it really necessary? And, is the market ready for your invention? We’re here to answer all these questions and many others. We’re here to monitor and control every step of the way and make sure your idea, as well as your product development, and production go swimmingly.

  • Phase #1
    Idea characterization and analysis – this is an elemental phase because at this juncture we examine and survey the market, audiences, the competition, technologies, etc.
  • Phase #2
    Concept development – after collecting and aggregating the information we check which are the best development options for materializing the idea, including the technology, materials, designs, and so forth. Once the concept is clear, we build a sample.
  • Phase #3
    Product planning – a meticulous and detailed engineering plan that includes design, the exact size, measurements, mechanics and particles. Once the planning is complete, we submit the plan and drawings to the patent office for registration. At this point, we begin working on the 3D simulations and prepare for investor recruitment.
  • Phase #4
    The prototype – your idea comes to life. The prototype shows how your product looks like, feels, its design, mechanisms, the materials it’s made of, and mechanics.
  • Phase #5
    Production – includes a production checklist, manufacturing instructions for every part, 3D files, drawings, molds, and the assembly order.


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