ABOUT iair-tech

It All Triggers with an Idea

Technology and globalization are propelling the world and our lives, making it possible to go anywhere with merely a click of a button. These trends also make it quite easy to turn ideas into reality, as people come up with brilliant ideas by the minute. However, good as these ideas may be, it’s often not nearly enough to turn them into commercial products that’re sold in box retail, worldwide.

And this is why we’re here.
We’re a team of expert engineers and consultants that help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into winning products, step after step. We genuinely believe that development is an aspect that can make or break an idea, and often what makes the difference between a winning product, and an excellent idea that doesn’t rise. For this reason, we provide the full rainbow of services you need under one professional umbrella.

Roni Iair Brener, CEO

Mr. Brener brings two decades of management and leadership experience from acclaimed Israeli development companies. Over the years, Mr. Brener took part in the development of dozens’ ideas and patents for military and civil use. iair-tech offers its expertise and services to early-stage entrepreneurs, development companies, startups, and PCB manufacturers. iair-tech is ISO 9015 certified and implements best practices and the highest standards throughout the development and production phases.

The Lab

We have learned that desired outcomes are a combination of brilliant ideas and a professional development team.
Our lab’s services include: industrial design, engineering services, packaging, production, development processes for systems at technology’s forefront, planning and design of UI/UX interfaces, concept development, product characterization, quality control, marketing, sales and usage analyses, as well as creative solutions for a variety of industries and sectors.

Among our clients are:
startups, inventors, military and security sector companies, communication enterprises, medical companies, and numerous entrepreneurs. Our expertise, professionalism, and personal attention save our clients time, money, and trouble. It’s also what brings them, and others, time and again back to iair-tech. If you’re in the process of developing an idea or product, do get in touch.

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