Have an Awesome Idea?

iair-tech is the place for you! Our experts have years’ experience and the know-how to turn your idea into income. We think out all the legal, business, financial, and technological aspects and guide your way to the market and success.

Patent Review & Registration

Following in-depth research and thorough scrutiny of your idea, we help register the patent to precision and officially.

Product Development

We follow you through the process, step by step until your product is born. The process includes a comprehensive engineering analysis, expert reviews, and commercial potential.

Raising Capital

Setting off an idea, developing a prototype, and bringing a product to life, requires an initial investment. Then, and to reach the market, you’ll need further funding. We help our clients in Israel find the right investors and financing solutions for their inventions and products.

If your idea is fantastic; one that’ll not only revolutionize humanity but will also make you happy and wealthy, first and foremost is to make sure that no one in the world has thought of the same idea. iair-tech conducts a professional and thorough patent review, and only once we’re convinced there’s no previous registration of your concept, we apply for a patent. iair-tech’s professionals meticulously follow the registration process to ensure your patent is appropriately and legally registered.

We genuinely believe that development is one of the aspects that can make or break an idea. It’s what can make the difference between a winning product, and an excellent idea that doesn’t rise. For this reason, we provide the full rainbow of services you need, including production, to get your idea up and running and bring your winning product to the world. Before diving into the lab, we research all aspects of the idea and product. Research includes comprehensive engineering analysis and expert reviews, commercial feasibility assessments, and intellectual property examination. We then work with professional patent writers that are familiar with the unique patent language, terminology, and drawing requirements. Following patent registration, we design and plan your product to precision and create the initial 3D simulations. The last step in this phase is building a functional prototype that is compliant with the entirety of standards and approvals required.
Investors, incubators, VC’s, angels, crowdfunding, you name it. There are myriad of funding and financing possibilities that can help you breathe life into your idea and dream. Remember to study each opportunity carefully before you decide which is best for the development of your idea. Furthermore, before sharing your idea with any potential investor, make sure you have taken all the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property.
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